In 1991, Martensdale Community Church was bursting at the seams and was considering its second building addition in less than ten years. The idea of planting a similar church in Indianola began to form in January of 1992 with a core group of Indianola families. The passion of that core group was to be a church that would truly touch individual lives and deeply impact our community for Christ.
Our first worship service was held April 5, 1992, in the Paramount Theaters with 156 in attendance. Before many weeks had passed, the church was renting space in two additional buildings nearby. By the winter of 1992 we moved to Emerson Elementary School. In January of 1993 we called our first pastor, Johnny Mitchell. By June we’d outgrown Emerson and spent the next three years at Indianola High School.
In 1996 we purchased property on Kenwood Street and hired an architect to begin building plans. However, by 1998 we realized at the rate our church was growing the Kenwood property would not be big enough. We sold the Kenwood property and built our building on Kennedy Street on the southeast corner of town, on land donated by a family on the church launch team. Our new building had a large multipurpose room, classrooms, and offices. We moved into our new building on August 22, 1999, and began holding two Sunday morning services. We never imagined we’d be feeling a space crunch again in only 18 months! However, in June 2001, we made plans for a building addition and began a faith promise campaign.
God has richly blessed our church since then, and our ever-growing force of staff and volunteers is more passionate than ever about restoring our broken world! Contact the church office if you would like a tour of our facilities, or are interested in meeting with a pastor to discuss our approach to expanding God’s kingdom.